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How to Install Apps on District iPads

Literacy in the 21st century requires more than the ability to read, write and compute. Every student must develop strong technological skills in order to function adequately in our 21st century world. Connecticut schools must ensure that technology resources are integrated across the curriculum in preK-12 and become part of the fabric of instruction. Hebron's current technology plan supports these goals, and is available online for review.(Tech Plan). Hebron Schools are currently developing a scope of technology skills and experiences to be taught to students beginning in kindergarten and progressing through grade six.

In Hebron, we are proud to share that all classrooms in grades 1-6 use an overhead projector and SmartBoard to support instruction. Kindergarten classes utilize SmartTables, which are designed for the social, collaborative learning in small groups that best fits our youngest learners' needs. Both schools have computer labs, and all classrooms have between 2-4 computers available for regular student use, in addition to carts of laptops that are available for classes to access. Students participate in keyboarding instruction with additional opportunity to practice at home using a web-based program.


We realize that as technology continues to advance, we need to partner with families so that we can optimize rich learning experiences for our students. Therefore, we allow the use of e-readers and technology devices at school within the framework of our district policy placing important boundaries on their use, including the signed parent permission form. Teachers may incorporate the use of such items as laptops, tablet computers, and e-readers for educational purposes only and under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher. Policies, regulations, and permission forms are referenced below.

Many resources guide our decisions regarding technology resource acquisition and technology integration into instruction. While we very much value the access to information and learning that can occur as a result of technology, we also recognize that our learners must be taught the importance of making responsible decisions when using technology as a learning tool. access to electronic information resources and computer networks is a privilege, not a right.


Internet Safety and Student Use of District Computer Systems

Student access to internet and use of district technology is designed to enhance educational opportunities and learning. To ensure that these resources remain available and in working order, Hebron Public Schools has established an Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines, which define the procedures and parameters under which these resources may be used by all staff, students, and volunteers. All users must submit annually a signed Acceptable Use Agreement. Violations of the Acceptable use Policy are deemed as violations of school behavioral expectations and codes.

Parents wishing to exempt a student from use of the internet as part of an instructional experience will need to complete an Exemption Form.

Privately Owned Technology Devices for Student Use

With parent permission form completed and submitted, a student may bring in an electronic device for educational purposes and used during instructional time with permission of the teacher.

To ensure that students are continuing a positive online experience at home, please consider reviewing with your student the importance of internet safety.

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