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Office of Educational Services

Dr. Donald E. Briere

Director of Educational Services
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Curriculum is the well-defined and standards aligned set of lessons, units, and associated activities that drives the efforts of our educators. In Hebron, we take our charge to educate our students to be successful learners and participants in the 21st Century seriously; this begins with a high-quality curriculum. Curriculum is a teacher's road map and is the backbone of a school district. For a curriculum to be effective, it must be grounded in evidence-based practices, aligned to our current Connecticut Core Standards (CCS), and established on a premise that all of our student's will benefit from a rich learning experience. Curriculum also evolves as our field advances - regularly integrating best practices, aligning district initiatives, and incorporating state directives all lead to a sustainable and rigorous learning community for our students.

As Director of Educational Services for Hebron Public Schools, I have the responsibility to coordinate and support the interdependent curricula relationships within our schools. Hebron schools seek to enrich the learning environment for its students by both sustaining effective practices and actively pursuing new strategies for teaching that will contribute to student success. Working collaboratively, the staff in Hebron have developed comprehensive curricula, shared best practices, and analyzed assessments to improve curriculum and instruction. It is only through the support and hard work of the classroom teachers that we experience the successful results that we have attained throughout the district. In Hebron, our educators are tireless in their pursuit to ensure each of our students develop the 21stcentury skills needed to find success in school and in life.

To sustain rigorous curricular and instructional strategies, teachers collaborate through on-going organized efforts each school year. This attention to professional development in Hebron ensures an exemplary, well-informed professional staff who subsequently provide a high-quality educational experience to our students. Consistency and stability in the delivery of classroom instruction are the cornerstones of our efforts in Hebron and are reinforced by strong collaboration, aligned curriculum, and informed professional development.

A commitment to excellence for our students requires the dedication of many people: students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents, school board members, and the community. In Hebron, there is tremendous evidence of this commitment to excellence. We are appreciative to all who contribute to the powerful educational opportunities available to students in our school district.

Please, feel free to come and visit our schools to see our curriculum and students in action!

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